Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Team Building Day

Dream Team 

On Monday 10th October, the Omega team had the fantastic opportunity to take part in a team building day at Aerial Extreme, Ripon, North Yorkshire. We all turned up bright & early, wrapped up cosily, as we'd been forewarned that there was potential for any kind of weather that day, & huddled round with our cups of tea & coffee before being split into two teams ('Team A' & 'The A Team'; We like to keep things simple at Omega). The morning was spent carrying out various challenges, some timed, others not, that meant we had to work in our groups to prepare plans & find solutions to overcome the obstacles we'd been faced with.

Team A watching on
The A Team 

As we'd hoped, these challenges helped the group as a whole get closer & talk to eachother in a way we wouldn't usually; in work time, office staff rarely get to engage with the engineering team, so ensuring we all got split into various groups with people we may not have spent alot of time in the past meant that new friendships & bonds were built!

The challenges we took part in ranged from walking planks, to egg throwing, to tower building, which meant we really had to work as a team to 'beat' the other group we were up against. By the end of the morning, we were all warmed up & ready for the afternoon of tree scaling! (Some of us were looking slightly worse for wear after the egg throwing games, but that didn't stop us!)

A steadying hand from Rhys 
After lunch, having had chance for a rest & something to eat, it was time to head back up into the trees. This was the independent part of the day, meaning you could go at your own speed, so naturally, as we'd all presumed, it turned into a competition between the engineers to see who could knock who off, whereas the office staff took a more gentle approach. The majority of the team got the whole way round the course, some completing it so quickly that there was easily time for round two, but all in all, everyone did a really good job to push themselves as far as they could.

The first engineers up the ladder 

Confidence from Shawn 

Our Accounts Manager, Rebecca 
The final obstacle of the afternoon was the zip wire, which everybody had the chance to have a go at - It was definitely the favourite part of the day for many people!

Once we were all home & dry, ready to set back off home, we had the final task of the prize giving for the day - Our lucky winners were Conor & Shawn, & there were smiles all round. All in all, it was a fantastic day, & it really gave the Omega team the chance to bond & form new friendships, which wouldn't necessarily have had the chance to have been built in the everyday, office environment.


After a fantastic day was had by all, it was interesting to hear what our team members thought about the experience, so we asked for a few thoughts, & we weren't disappointed:

'It was a really great day, really good mix of team building & fun. Well worth the time out from the office - I enjoyed working as teams even thought it highlighted my inability to be able to throw or catch'

'The afternoon was far more challenging for me as I really don't like heights, ladders or even wooden structures, so it was all of my fears in one event, therefore completing it was a massive achievement!' - Rebecca, Accounts Manager

'Really really good day! It was nice spending time together and working with other staff as a team & getting to know people better out of a working environment, I came away feeling that the people I work with are not just colleagues, but friends' - Ash, Engineer 

'I think what I gauged from the day was that no matter who comes into Omega, they always seem to fit in because of the great family atmosphere we can create when we're all together. I also learn that Josh is awful at catching, Shawn has lost his marching ability from the Navy, & Lee Hindle can brave any weather in shorts & a tshirt!' - Adam, Engineer 

'What a fantastic day of teambuilding activities, puzzles & games, all topped off by great fun in the trees. The fact we performed so well in teams is testament to the great relationship between colleagues. As someone new to Omega, days like this make you feel right at home!' - Alex, Marketing Intern  

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