Monday, 14 November 2016

A Day In The Life... Engineering Apprentice

Here at Omega, we believe that offering young people an opportunity to flourish, grow & gain experience within work environment is the best way to help them continue their professional development & really get the most from their career. We regularly take on apprentices & interns, as we know that it's a give & take relationship & both sides end up gaining something extremely valuable whether it be knowledge & experience, or a new perspective. Here, one of our two engineer apprentices, Conor, talks us through why he chose an apprenticeship, & how he feels it's helped him develop both personally & within the workplace: 

Our Engineering Apprentice, Conor
"Tell us why you chose the apprenticeship route into work?"

"Personally I chose the apprenticeship route into work because I wanted to gain the physical experience as an electrical engineer as well as studying the knowledge behind it. An apprenticeship enables you to put into physical practice what you've just learnt, thus making the information stick with you a lot easier than say just reading out a book."

"What do you think omega was looking for in an apprentice?"

"I think Omega was looking for an apprentice that wasn't only passionate to learn but once they become qualified, someone who could help drive the company forward as part of a dedicated team."

"Can you tell us about what you do and the challenges you have faced?"

"Within my time at Omega I have faced multiple challenges however the one that stands out to me is the challenge of being able to stay focused on learning throughout a long working day, there's no more breaks like in school; at first this seems challenging but after a while you realise how much more you can achieve by doing something positive with that time."

"What do you think the benefits apprentices can bring to a business?"

"The benefits that an apprentice can bring to any business is certainly a fresh look on things, they're able to see problems in a different light than others are able to. They've got the drive to gain experience and learn, this ensures the business they've got someone that's dedicated towards the same objectives and principles as their own."

As you can see, our apprentice Conor has a clear view on what the apprenticeship programme means to him, & how it is helping him progress, both within his career & personal life aswell. Have you got any experience with the apprenticeship programme? If so, why not leave us a comment below, as we'd love to hear from you! 

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