Thursday, 19 January 2017

Our New Year's Resolutions

Here at Omega Security, we know that a focused approach is the best out of any, which is why we knew, two weeks into the New Year, that some goals were to be set, resolutions as it were, to ensure we knew exactly how to make the most of 2017!

Omega's 'Missions, Visions & Values' are the statements which underpin everything that we as a company do in our everyday life. By being aware of these statements, we can ensure that our work is carried out to the best of our ability as a unit, both within the office & out on site, & that customer satisfaction is at the forefront of our goals whenever we take on & complete new projects.

1) Mission Statement 

'Empowering organisations to work better, grow faster & achieve greater control' 

Omega's mission this year is to make sure our clients, both new & existing, have full confidence that the solutions we provide them with are perfectly designed with their needs in mind & will allow them full control over their business. By offering hardworking designs, which can be tailored to feedback the information that you need to gather from your business, we provide our clients the valuable stepping stones to be able to grow within their company.

2) Vision Statement

'Creating a world where security becomes an opportunity for good'  

In Omega's day to day life, our main focus is offering our clients something which is not only useful, but something which can enrich lives with information which may not have been previously available, whether this be an access control system which keeps track of people entering & leaving a gym suite, or a CCTV install which can be looked back over at the user's leisure. Not only do the solutions we provide keep premises 'secure', they go above & beyond to hand over that extra level of control, as mentioned in our Mission Statement.

3) Our Values


A single word, but a powerful one at that! At Omega, we hope that our attention to both detail & our clients' requests ensures that we provide a distinct & bespoke service tailored to specific needs. As we understand, one company will require something different to the next dependant on their own personal mission, vision & values, so not only being able to provide this, but also do it in a professional way that offers that level of distinction, is extremely important to us here at Omega!

As you can see, Omega's focus for the year is to continue offering bespoke solutions to a variety of consumers based on specific needs - By understanding that not every company is the same & that security systems very often aren't 'one size fits all', we can ensure that requirements can continue to be met by our hardworking engineering, sales & project management teams!

Here's to a fantastic 2017!

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